Movies.. Movies..Movies

wow.. its been 5 years since my last post. To date, many things had happened and i like to start blog again even if FB is way cooler..

I was going through some of my watchlist from IMDB (looks much like 1MDB) and it appears that i have 966 movie list that i have watched (and counting)! Thats alot of hours of watching these movies!
If we take 2 hours of average per movie, we get 966 x 2 = 1932 hours. Thats about 80.5 days of watching movies non-stop! I must really love movies alot.

(My watchlist to date : 21.08.2016)

Any ways, I'm going to start to blog about movies so that watching them will not be a waste of time.

So I'm going to start reviewing movies from the recent viewing which would be easier to remember and will update them more if I have the time.

Movie #1

Demolition (2015)

A successful investment banker struggles after losing his wife in a tragic car crash. With the help of a customer service rep and her young son, he starts to rebuild, beginning with the demolition of the life he once knew.





Summary of the movie
1st off I love Jake Gyllenhaal ( i need to put a list by the side of my blog of actors that i Love). I've watched most of his movies and he is a great actor in portraying someone in a Drama movie. I give this movie a go because when i watched the trailer, it showed a man with emptiness inside because of he's wife death due to a car accident. They were both inside the car, but the wife has drove the car and killed at the hospital. Whereas the husband didn't die and didn't feel any emotion while coping of the death of his wife. 
Then he met this lady, Naomi Watts character and she was very intrigue with Jake's letters (yeah, he wrote some letters to the company vending machine to vent his frustration of his M&M peanuts stuck inside machine at the hospital where his wife is pronounce dead 10 minutes earlier). Naomi watts was the customer service who worked at the vending machine and responded by calling Jake one morning. Soon they become friends but Jake is still empty inside and can't show any emotion with his father in law. Then he became a construction worker (hence the demolition man) to tore off a housing project so that he can feel something.

My Verdict:

I kinda enjoyed the movie since Jake performed so well as a man with no emotion but enjoys wracking stuff to see how are the insides look liked. Naomi watts was good but i think they underused her. Some plots are pointless like Naomi's boyfriend, Carl or the son with Gay issues (i think they want to cramp in the progressive ideology. Nothing wrong but just was not worth a plot to cramp in here). I would want to know more of his relationship with the wife to feel sad for her death.

What I got from this movie 
I get that sometime we put on a "poker face" to society so that we can adapt to living much better. We put on this face so much that we sometime forgot how to turn it off. The poker face becomes a permanent face and we detach and suppress all emotion we have inside. 
I think we all have this mask "poker face" to blend into society. 

6.5 / 10


im getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the title suggests, im getting married and im ssoooooo happy!! :) Finally, this day came and im actually very excited and looking forward to the marriage more than the wedding. I know it sounds lame, but yes, im very much excited becoming a wife more than a bride. For the past few weeks or even months , my life was in a roller coaster which i so much enjoyed and loathed at the same time for the ride, thank you allah. I mean, life twists in so many unexpected ways that u could imagine. I've been in hell or so i thought, and i was also in heaven (on earth of course) . I keep counting the days on when am i gonna be happy and just meet my other half. I keep on praying, crying and hoping to god to give me a good ending. And i guess, can i say that my prayers are answered? So for the next few months, i''ll be planning for my wedding, and maybe i will share some of the bridezilla research in this blog for my reference. I like planning an event, but im not sure if i can pull this one off! There is so much steps, with so little time..owh, did i mention im getting married this july? thats like less than 4 months!!! Writing this down makes me so nervous, and im getting so many nightmares on unprepared wedding ceremony that always makes me waking up to like "thank goodness its only a dream! " . But nevertheless, i will start writing on my preparations for the weddings so that i get everything covered here. Here's to another chapter of life! :)


Paramore - Live in Kuala Lumpur

19 Oct 2010,8.30 - 10.00 pm - Paramore live in Kuala Lumpur!!!

This cool group hails from USA came to malaysia and really took us by storm!!! They are the IT group to follow , tweet, FB, blog, etc2.. Yesterday concert really proves that they really can deliver a very damn entertaining concert for real! And i will tell you why...

1. Hailey - Good voice, very HOT, can sing live.. im suprise shes juz 22 years old! Very matured and shes shows that in her song writing...

2. The punctualiality of the group - They arrive on time! surprise2!! 8.30 pm on the dot they came and directly performed..I was understand that they juz came from their tour in australia and juz arrived malaysia that morning...No case of divaness or jet lag here... thumbs up! but also, they finished the concert on time..10 pm :(

3. Entertaining values - The whole band really made the concert entertaining. Hailey is very good in communicating with her fans..Really make us all feel goood by coming there...so no case of guilt in spending some $$ and time on a tuesday night for them...

4. Their songs! - Very catchy..even though i dont know much about the band..but i manage to download all their lyrics for top songs onto my phone..so we could sing along during the concert..And the acoustic version is even nice!she does reminds me of Gwen from no doubt...A younger version of No doubt probably..

Here are the overall review for their concert

Venue Parking ****
(Parking rate was rm 2.00 cheap huh. And the space is huge and we got in and out with out any difficulty)

Venue Security ****
(quite funny, the security asking did i keep an umbrella in my handbag!haha..Owh, no SLR camera allowed..luckily i didnt brought them)

Opening Band **
(Y2K band...BORING!!!moreover the band is much worse than any of our other local indie band that they could choose@!)

Opening Song *** 1/2
(opening she sang ignorance from her latest album..kept the crowd go wild!!!whoa2!!!)

Set List ****
(well some song ive heard before, but some i didnt..my bad...but i was so hoping she sang all i wanted but they didnt...:( high pitch kot!haha)

Band Connection ****
(nice..they were in sync with each other and also with the audience... loving haileys energy!!!)

Band Energy/Intensity/Showmanship ****
(love it ..love it..love it...)

ConcertGoer Energy/Intensity *****
(crowd was really2 wild...there was 1 incident where there was a crazy fan tried to panjat the stage...hahah..bouncer came taking him down right away..poor him...)

Sound Quality ***1/2
( the sound quality was ok...except there was one part where haileys mic went off and we didnt hear a single thing..poor her!!but other than that the quality was ok...)

Set and Lighting Design (SLD) ****
(there was some fancy lighting and fire works...but overall moderate)

The Finish/Encore *****
(one lucky fan got to be pick by hailey...lucky b*stard!!! and sang with her on stage!!!he even take out his camera and took a pic with hailey before he started the singing part with her...damn lucky!!!jelous alert...heheheh)

Overall rating i give a ****1/2 out of 5!!!!nice one! :)


Tailor from HELL.....

Last saturday, i was shocked on some negative attitude i received from my supposedly recommended tailor from my sis. She was very rude! and to top it all was never apologetic on her rude behavior. Let me tell u what she did ;

1. I sent my ehem! kain (mind u its chiffon material and the price is close to rm 200!) to her on 20th may..and i specifically told her i will come by to pick it up 1 months time...so it will be on 20th jun la kan?
2. During our tailoring/measuring session, i specifically told her what kind of cuttings i liked. And she did give good suggestion on how it should fit me. Ok. Point taken. And she did add on she will do the selendang for me since i had a lot of extra kain for my baju kurung.(thats good right?)
3. She told me the price will be rm 65 since it is a baju kurung modern and i agreed to it..

At this point i was too happy on the price she has given and i forgot to take the receipt (stupid) from her....So i went back home..didnt think for one second she was the tailor from hell!

So 1 month has gone off...i forgot to call (another mistake i made) and ask weekly progress on the baju...But in my mind i thought all has been taken care of...but surprise2.... I called her on 2nd july.. it was for another request, (i wanted to send her my baju kurung for raya) . She told me she still take baju raya request. So i was happy since i ask the price was still rm 65 for baju kurung moden...And i ask her about my baju. And she told me it wasn't ready...jeng2,,, so i told her calmly i would like to take the baju next Saturday since xsmpat nak siap on the 3rd of july, so it should be ready by 10th july..She said,ok2..no problem..sempat2...

2days before sending/taking my baju which is on the 9th july, i called her saying i want to go there in the morning..

Tukang jahit monster : Baju xsiap lagi

Sarah aka mangsa monster : Huh???xsiap??? kan da ckp nak amik sabtu ni..esok?

TJM : Memang..tapi saya xsiap.sy demam..etc2..

SMM : so bila bole siap? saya nak pakai malam esok ni. (gertak sket la..padahal xnak pakai pun..cume xnak dia tangguh2 dah)

TJM : ambil malam la..

SMM : ambil malam? kenduri tu malam..mana siap???? (i da raise voice la masa ni)

TJM : ok la..ambil kol 6.

SMM : tak bole, kol 6 xsempat. saya nak kol 5.

TJM : tgkla..kalu awak datang kol 5, kalu siap2, siapla..kalu xsiap tunggu la..(dgn nada kasar and annoyed!)

SMM : ok.i hang up..

Then at 5 pm, she sms me. "da siap". I replied " saya da beli baju lain utk mlm ni. esok baru datang ambil baju". Now , she replied in the most unthinkable way u could ever imagine! "ambk hr in jg bsuk akak cuti. tk ambik 1 mg aku lelong."

I was freaking up!!!I immediately told my sis (the one recommended to me) and she called that b*tch. Kinda summarize what i heard she told her was that "akak jgn buat mcm ni. saya da byk recommend org kat kedai akak"..etc. To my surprise she said ok we go pick the baju on sunday since i have no intention to go on that day.

The following day, i went there. I saw that b*tch, and she had this muka ketat on. She was quiet. not apologetic on the rude sms. And i have no intention to stay around and try the clothes on. I hate looking at her rude face and i just want to get the hell out from that stinking place. I took out rm 65 from my wallet. And to add salt on my misery, she without the polite tone of voice told me, "eh, kalu ada lining rm 100." "apa???cakap aritu rm 65????" "xde, saya cakap lining rm 100". (dlm ati ni tuhan saja yg tahu mcmana la nak bersabar dgn org sekurang ajar mcmni).
My sis nak mintak murah, tawar la..coz da siap lambat, tulis sms kurang ajar. But i was in no mood to tahan my anger. I just said "okla.rm 100" i know. i was being defeated by this rude b*tch whose not even a local to began with. (da start racist ni)

Now, i took my clothes and just walked away. i didn't even try them out nor did i check if she did left inside my kain lebih. My sis ask me to check and she ask me did the tailor left the selendang she said she wanted to do? And i check none whatsoever inside the cheap reuse plastic bag. So we marched back to that sh*t place and she juz gave the muke bodo and put in the kain perca inside my damn plastic bag without any apologise that she didnt do my selendang..nor did she remember to give back my kain lebih..damn!

So we juz went back i didn't even send my kain for raya. I was so devastated..It was a special baju for me, the price was expensive. The service that i get was so wrong and disappointing. She was rude, and not thankful enough to be getting a good job (comparing to her other collegue that gets a maid job) and speak rudely to customer. My sis did call her boss, and try to calm us down by asking us to come back and she will re-do what ever is wrong on the baju. (no way in hell i want to go all the way to taman melawati to send for alteration anymore. If anything i find other good tailor to handle it.

Owh btw,i forgot to mention....

1. Dia jahit zip belakang on top of my corak bunga yg ada beads.
2. There was a lot of threads coming out of each stitches. (xkemas)
3. The bottom that i asked was jahit kipas. But what i get was one long tight skirt. (nak jalan pun susah)
4. Kat my jahitan leher (i ask for boat neck) ada one small left out corak bunga yg dia terpotong salah. tibe2 ada bunga beads kecik kt tmpt yg salah. :(
5. Ada benang tertarik and nmpak small lubang.(chiffon lembut so senang berlubang)

But nevertheless, i tried to become reasonable and patient. My sis was of course menyesal and tried to offer me buy a new clothes to ganti. But what the heck..xpela..kain tu mahal. and i choose it specifically because i liked the color and the corak...learned my lesson though..."never trust a new tailor with expensive and important clothes, walaumacamana murah pun harga nya... "Always give them a more cheaper kain and less important function for the clothes..

xoxoxo...sarah yg grieving on the spoilt ehem! clothes...huhuhuhu


2nd day blogging..;)

Went to the Gym yesterday.............

After work I was so hyped up to go to the gym since im on trial membership until 18th july...so better use it till the last drop!hehehe..sadly, my sis couldnt be joining me (last min makan cake kat secret recipe..birthday kawan katanya) so there i was, going alone to the gym...

At first, i doubted along the way to subang parade, (celebrity fitness). It was raining very heavily...the traffic was unbearable...I was stuck in front of my office for 15 mins and goin to go wait some 15 mins more for the traffic light in front of summit...it took around 30 mins to reach subang parade!!!!whereas if there is no jam, it usually takes about 10 mins...Then the radio keep announcing about the USHER concert that will be held later on that night..i love usher..but once again i couldnt get my sis to go back early to go to the concert..(international artist concert on a wednesday night??? go figure!) So, i was really on a down mood all the way to the gym...(dugaan..)

Then i arrive subang parade, i had to park at the basement coz it was raining very heavily..(kalu park kat carrefour, free..tp lencun la..payung xbawa) I remember the consultant at the gym said that if i validate the car park ticket i get rm 3 flat rate price..so ok la rm 3 for parking...xla mahal sgt...kalu x hujan bole la parking kat carrefour plak..free..hehehhe

Anyways..i went straight to the main enterance of the gym..lo and behold..there is a huge crowd!!the time was close to 7pm, i wanted to join one of the studio classes or yoga classes..so i checked in, got my free towel, and change into my sneakers and kept my bag in the locker given in the shower room. But i forgot to bring my own padlock..huhuhuh..so berserah jela...i kept my things there in the locker, but kept my valuable items in my pocket..(btw, i left my cardigan there..damn!dah 2 x kene kejadian tinggal jeket ni..huhuhu)

I went to the studio first, there was a huge crowd waiting outside the studio. The classes which was about to finish that time was ritma zoom class. It was full jammed pack with participants. They all looked enjoying the class. It was recommended by my consultant previously, but it starts at 6pm. No luck making there on time! So i scanned the timetable placed there. And it scheduled Body Pump at 7.10pm.. I dont what class is that, but as soon as the ritma zoom class ended, the following group of people hurriedly join the body pump class. And they are clearly old timers of that class since everyone knows what to do and went to the back of the class and pick out some props for the class.

Now, at this point i know if i join this class, i will be at loss! All of them are carrying some kind of weights, foam, etc..and some props i dont even know the name! And the instructor is a mat salleh, very cute! so i dont want to make a total fool of myself in this class, so i decided not to join and head off to the yoga studio...maybe tomorrow ill try!

While waiting for the yoga class to start, the yoga studio was used for muay thai class. Looks interesting as they box each other, but i know its quite hard for beginners like me..so i went on to check the timetable there, i saw the class schedule at 7.10pm is yoga therapy. They didnt put it as (A) category means advance or (I) intermediate , so i assumed it was one of the basic yoga class..

As soon as the muay thai class finish, the new group enters for the yoga class. At that time, i think to myself, okay, lets try this. What hurt could it be? I mean yoga is not that hard right? it doesnt require some fancy props to use. moreover, the class is not crowded. So i was compelled to join it. First time YOGA, Here we go!!!!

So , i copied excatly what other classmates where doing. They took off their slippers but i had to take off my sneakers! What a trouble some!Then they put it on the shoe shelf. Then, they take some kind of rubber mat on top of the shelf and went off to choose a spot to unfold their mat and sits calmly on it in some position. I took one of the mat and scanned the area and choose a very far spot to unfold the mat. (malu la..coz kelas first!heheh) I thought i was going to do some basic moves, but oh boy!was i wrong!

At that time, there was only around 10 people in the class. So i figured this is not so popular class. Therefore, i could concentrate more since the instructor would only have 10 person to concentrate. But as we waited for the instructor, slowly, the class has fill itself and by the end of the class there was around more than 30 people participated! Quite a crowd i must say!

Firstly, the yoga instructor asked as to be in child position. (of course, what is a child position right?) This is what its looked like...(btw ,that is not me if ure wondering. haha)

The instructor is a guy, Nic (i think, based on the name on the timetable) ask us to stay in that position for about 5 mins!!!at first it was hard. My feet wasnt in the correct position. He came to nicely and ask me, "are u new to yoga?", me, unsurely said ; "yes,im new. I thought this is a basic class?" Now, by this time, i was for sure scared that he will ask me to leave as i know nothing of yoga... But, he calmly said "its basic class, but i'm going to try something new today. But nevermind, you just listen and try to follow as much as u can by looking at how others do. Do u have any medical condition?" "No." "Okay then." It was a simple conversation but i wasnt kicked out from the class..yaay....

Then, when u think it couldnt get any harder, he ask us to do a lot of other tough position that i couldnt afford to do...

Here's some illustration for you to understand what im talking about....

And some other basic breathing steps....

The half cobra position. :)

Looks easy huh? Try this at home.

And for the toughest part, i had to do this position

I thought i couldnt do it...I looked to my left and right and everyone was doing it. Even the most plum (quite big) guy was doing it. So i sucked up my breath and said, lets do this..At first it was hard getting kicking both you're legs up high, but once you found your balance, u know where to support your upper back to maintain the legs up high.i surprised myself!!!i could do it...and slowly my legs can bend like that but i must confess it didnt go all the way down..hahaha..it was more of a L shape and I shape...

And at the final class, he asked us to relax our mind, and control our breath in this position...

Overall, it was the most amazing experience in my life!!!! Mainly because previously, i only hear about yoga, but while experience it last night it really is some damn interesting experience. Fascinating!!!!

Some facts i discover;

1. I never thought my body could be that flexible. And to be able to do it in the 1st class really shows that yoga is for everyone. My legs are not that flexi and i am not a school athelete, but somehow i surprise myself for being able to do that L shape position..

2. While i was doing most of the yoga position, suddenly i felt more calmer, relaxed, and i can actually feel that blood circulation were running through my brains. More oxigen is being supplied there...

3. I'm actually sweating from the workout. And the atmosphere that time wasn't hot, since it is air conditioned. I think i burnt a lot of calories doing yoga. (i think!)

4. Contrary to my beliefs that we should only focus on our tummy exercise, hand muscle is also important. Not that im saying we have to have big muscular arms like madonna..but its important that we have strong arms to lift our bodies. We always use our legs to the max but not our arms.

5. And while stretching, i feel all the muscle being used. My back is being stretch is a way is has never been before..horay...

Im thinking of going to the yoga class today again..and i think im hooked onto yoga..But hope this new interest could last and i could be discipline enough to make it an after work routine.(jgn hangat tahik ayam je kan???)

But of course, yoga is a controversy activity. And when there is a fatwa says it is HARAM, i was shocked! Because, during the class wholetime yesterday, there was no element of syirik on play. I wasnt chanting any mantra. The instructor was chinese (so he couldnt be a hindu right??). More over he only stress out to breath and relax. There was no element of when u do this position u are bowing to the sun...or hindu is the way of life....etc...He wasnt preaching and my faith remains to ALLAH swt. I also didnt miss my prayers because straight after class i went to pray at the surau. So i was a bit shocked today when i read the Fatwa. But im no scholar so im not going to comment on that. They have their reasons and as for me i know my niat , whats in my heart while performing this activity...

enuff said..im going to the gym today.hopefully..though i think i developing some arm muscle cramps already.. :( huhuhuhuh...

xoxox..sarah in the gym y'all....


First day as a blogger.... :)

Hi all? hello? im not quite sure how to start a blog...but here goes..hehehe..kudos to my good fren yati, http://www.ethassan.blogspot.com/, im able to create my own blog..its her blog that make me wanna blog too..at first, I'm not into blogging, but there are a few reason why i venture into this new hobby..mainly because ;

1. Im having personal issue in my life right now, and im trying an outlet to deal with this. So when i Google it, most of them suggest i talked it out with someone...but ive done that..and i dont wanna burden most of my friends and my sis..getting them to listen to every petty problem..hahaha...so im gonna try out blogging...

2. Im bored in my office right now...also bored with my career..right now, im kinda in a halt position whereas im stuck in this situation for quite sometime. So why not i do some useful writing during this bored time..lord knows until when im this free...

3. I luuuurrrvvveee travelling...and i also love photography..this one courtesy en ejay for helping me learning the Techniques to take photo and help me venture to this part of my new hobby. It was also an outlet for me to release my stress from my personal problems..it helped me deal with it for some time...So im gonna try to blog about my previous and future trips too...

So there u go...top 3 reason on why i wanna start to blog....